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Reasons Why Leggings Are The Absolute Best

Reasons Why Leggings Are The Best, Danny Legging, DannyLegging, Collage 2023

Leggings have been around for centuries and were very common among the male population of western society. They disappeared for a little while, but then returned in the 20th century and then became a huge staple for the wardrobe from the mid-2000s of many women. Gladly, from the 2010s onwards, men have also embraced the form-fitting look which they originally sported. Without boring you with a long introduction or a history lesson, I’ll jump straight into why leggings have been adopted and re-adopted by so many.

Leggings Are Versatile

Leggings have so much diversity. They can come in various lengths, different designs and numerous materials. If you sport black leggings, you can pretty much wear them with almost everything; a jumper, a hoodie, a t-shirt or a dress. Black leggings can be worn for nearly all occasions and any time of your day. Alternatively, if you wanted to be more eccentric and ostentatious, you can find yourself leggings with all sorts of patterns, colours and shines.

Leggings Are Sexy

Yes! At least in my opinion, one of the most amazing features of leggings is their ability to showcase the beautiful form of the lower body – legs and buttocks. Why hide those great legs with untidy and boring joggers, jeans and sweatpants when you can instead apply a form-fitting leather legging on your lower half. That being said, certain leggings can be great for the bedroom as well for those who have a sensual interest in latex and leather legging looks. That doesn’t mean you should only keep those types of leggings for the bedroom; wear them out because they are just garments after all.

Leggings Are Usually Cheap

Most leggings I have discovered and bought online and much cheaper than jeans. Although some brands do price their leggings at extortionate prices, you can grab yourself some amazing long-lasting leggings that are under £15. The less it costs, the more leggings diversity you can acquire for your wardrobe!

Leggings Are Easy to Store

Due to the nature of leggings being a tight garment, they tend to take up less space compared to baggier pants like sweatpants, jeans or joggers. Depending on the inline material thickness, leggings can also quite thin, making it easy to store in your chest of drawers, luggage or backpacks for travelling.

Leggings Are for All Seasons

Leggings come in various thicknesses – thin, no fleece, fleece-lined and velvet. When the local temperature is high, you can sport thinner leggings with no fleece. In contrast, when the weather is wet or cold, you can instead sport a thicker material such as fleece-lined or velvet leggings. Either way, you’ll be able to wear leggings from January through to December.

Leggings Are Really Comfortable

With a few exceptions, depending on material, most leggings are easy to put on and off. There is a reason why leggings are superb for physical activity such as working out, running, sports and yoga. They make it easier for the wearer to maintain flexibility in the lower body. They aren’t restricting like most pants. That’s what also makes them so appealing to wear casually or at home. It is pointless to wear uncomfortable pants just to appeal and conform to an audience when you can just be comfortable throughout the day with a pair of leggings.

Leggings Are Long Lasting

Depending on the fabrics used to make the leggings, from experience, leggings have lasted me a long time (especially faux leather and wet-look leggings). Cotton leggings are the ones you make have to look out for as they can develop holes and knobbly bits. But most other fabrics do the opposite!

Leggings Don’t Stain Much

Again, this depends on the material. With leather-look leggings – often made of polyester, spandex, vinyl, latex or some other material – they are much less likely to stain or carry bits or dog hair like that of jeans, joggers or other pants. It’s very satisfying to put a pair of leggings in the wash, take them out and be glad that the coffee stain has disappeared.

And, Finally…

For many years I’d conform to what society would superficially expect me to wear as a male – straight cut jeans, joggers, sweatpants or suit pants. That was until I began wearing leggings underneath said pants in colder periods of the year. I always admired leggings on the opposite sex, but then I also realised how comfortable they were and how amazing they looked on me by wearing them myself. I also underwent a lot of personality development that allowed to develop a carefree attitude despite the possible negative onlookers. Leggings have now become my primary garment. I gave my skinny jeans and joggers to charity because I simply didn’t want to wear clothes that didn’t feel ‘me’ or that were simply uncomfortable. For all the people who love to wear leggings, the casual wearers, the all-gender wearers, the no-gender wearers, and even the kink enthusiasts. Keep at it; keep showing that amazing form and stay comfortable with leggings!

Thank you all, Danny Legging

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