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Welcome to My Authentic World of Fashion

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A Little About Me

A hello from me, ‘Danny Legging’. “Is that your real name?,” you ask. Well I’ll let you run with imagination. I like clothes, which is not pretty common for a guy (so I’ve heard), so I decided to start a style blog a few years ago which has morphed into this website as well as my other social media platforms. I make music too, you may have seen some of my pics on my albums or elsewhere on music platforms. My style is not wholly conventional, but that’s how I like it. I just like what I like, so I wear what I wear. Most of my outfits, you probably see me in leather leggings and that’s because my wardrobe has now become full of them. Why? Simple. They are comfortable, flashy and versatile. I was sick of wearing boring and uncomfortable straight-cut jeans, so that’s how it happened. Nonetheless, this blog features numerous collections of outfits I want to share and hope you take some cool inspiration from them. It’s great to see people crossing boundaries and being happy in wearing what they love.

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