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Enter Lookbook

Showing personal outfits, adaptations of own photos and separate AI generated art. Yes, there will be a lot of leggings involved in this venture! 😉. All images created, generated or manipulated by myself, Danny Legging, is free to share, use and adapt upon, providing attribution/credit is given, being Danny Legging, as the original source of the image. This applies to all images from my lookbook styling to the AI-generated art. See CC-BY.

Due to a recent technical website issue, I have had to restart uploading my content. Will add more overtime.

Latest Posts

Leggings have been around for centuries and were very common among the male population of western society. They disappeared for a little while, but then returned in the 20th century and then became a huge staple for the wardrobe from the mid-2000s of many women. Gladly, from the 2010s onwards, men have also embraced the form-fitting look which they originally sported. Without boring you with a long introduction or a history lesson, I’ll jump straight into why leggings have been adopted and re-adopted by so many…

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